Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get notified when picks are available to purchase?

There are several ways:

1. Through our mailing list. You can sign up at the bottom of our homepage. Be advised that we first send out drop notifications to premium members before we make them available to the general public 72 hours later (if inventory is left).
2. Through our Discord community. You can join for free here:
3. Through SMS notifications. Browse to our homepage and use the signup form to leave your email and phone number.
4. Through our Instagram account:

Is there an advanced notification when the picks will be sold?

We usually post an advanced notification in the #announcements channel of our Discord community server a day before launch.

Do you ship to me?

Yes. We ship to most places. If you are buying, we are supplying. 

Is there a free shipping tier?

Yep! Any orders of ANY three bottles or more (they don't have to be three same bottles, just any three bottles) get FREE SHIPPING. Otherwise, it's flat at $25 in the continental US.

How about in person pick up?

Also available! Each selection is clearly marked with a retail partner and their address on a product description page.

Do you have in-person or virtual barrel picking opportunities for members?

Sure do! We have both - we take 6 to 8 people with us on any physical barrel picking expedition. We also conduct virtual barrel picking selections and choose 3 to 4 people. We select folks based on their expressed interest, solicited through email and our Discord community. For info on how to join both, see Question #1.

Can I snag an empty barrel or barrel head?

Sure can! If you are local to New York, you can pick it up in person for free. If you are not local, you'd be responsible for getting it shipped to you. 

Which charities do you support?

Part of the proceeds from every barrel we select go to support charities that are suggested by our Discord community. For a partial list of charities we supported, visit our "Charities" page.

To suggest a charity of your choice, join our Discord community and post in #charity-suggestions channel.

Is there a release calendar/list of prior and future selections?

Our entire catalog of prior and current selections can be found in "The Prime Barrel Picks" section of this website or on our Discord server.

The upcoming list of selections also is located on our Discord server

Is there a merchandise page?

Yep - here it is:

If you like to suggest a merch item, please do so on our Discord server. Join for free here:

What are are the details of the upcoming premium membership program?

Please see our dedicated membership page fro more details:

This video is also helpful in understanding what the program will look like: