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Exceptional Whiskey

The Laws straight malt whiskey finished in Calvados cask is exceptional! This is everything I hoped it would be and more.

The nose reminds me of a crisp autumn morning in an apple orchard with a friendly scarecrow nearby. First sip, holy… what is this? Quick punch of Opal apples that evaporate on the roof of my mouth, leaving a hay-zy mid-palate which then turns into Kit Kat bars. The finish keeps evolving like a Pokemon leveling up through GameShark. I keep thinking, “What is this?” in the best possible way. Layers of flavor surprise you with each sip. So glad I bought a backup bottle. First time I’ve wanted to backup the backup with more backups. Exceptional whiskey and very thankful for the members who picked it!

William Wright
Fabulous Malt

Fantastic finished malt. New flavors emerge over time from sip to sip.

Dale Law

delivered as promised

Jeremy Fuller
Good and Hot

Benefits from a few drops of distilled water
Otherwise very good!!!

Chris - @cutterandflame
An Amazing one of a kind pick

LAWS Calvados finished straight malt whiskey
On the nose: I get apple and raisins, almost like they are freshly baked right out of the oven.

On the pallet: I get a very malty and dusty fruit forward dessert, something with tart apples and pears cooked down but not sweet. It reminds me of a malted rye with subtle hints of spice.

Finish: The finish is long and coats the mouth and reminds me of that last bite of cobbler when you are sitting around the camp fire.

I love all things malted and this is no exception, I’m only going off what little sample I have left but I would give this an 8.4/10